A standard bi-directional interface to connect Clinicians with Labs and Radiology

Visolve - Lab Order and Results

One of the critical challenges faced by Physicians today, blame it on Meaningful Use requirement, is sending Lab Orders electronically. Few Physicians who have adopted Electronic Medical Records (EMR) find that they do not have an electronic lab ordering facility in their system. And for those who have, connecting their EMR system with disparate Lab Information Systems (LIS) for electronic transfer of orders require customized point-to-point interfaces for each systems, which mounts the challenge.

Visolve - Connecting Multiple EMR and LIS



It’s not over yet. The interface development / implementation cost, effort, time and training costs not just eats into the budget but prolongs effective patient care.

Other perceptive issues include factors that determine routing of orders to different Labs such as Physician preference, insurance and specialty to name a few. The mapping of test codes, methodologies used among different lab providers adds to the concern.



Visolve -single bidirectional interface


ViSolve addresses this challenge with Lab Interoperability Module (LIM) - an interface engine, gateway and a clearing-house that enables seamless connectivity between Clinicians and Labs. LIM breaks the norm of building point-to-interfaces and provides a single bi-directional interface to connect all capable systems.

With LIM, routing orders to different labs would be as easy as clicking a button and receive results directly into the EMR for a complete patient profile. Beyond just EMR integration, track orders and exchange patient information in standardized format and access data from anywhere through portal and smart devices.

Key Benefits For Clinicians

  • Send orders to multiple labs with a single bi-directional interface – Save significantly on integration/implementation & training cost, effort and time
  • Integration with Labcorp has been completed. Integration with other labs is in process.
  • Send lab orders electronically and satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2 CPOE requirements
  • Eliminate test code errors (LOINC Mapping) and add value to your EHR with Order Tracking among other functionalities
  • Clinicians who aren’t yet on a EMR can use the LIM portal for ordering and reviewing results
  • Securely, efficiently and effectively exchange patient information in standardized form to all those involved in the healthcare continuum
LAB Interoperability Module workflow:

Lab Module

1. Physician orders tests

Physician orders tests from his EMR, which LIM converts to HL7 standards, validates and electronically routes to labs.

2. Orders routed to respective labs, results returned to physicians EMR

Orders are routed to respective labs or imaging centers based physician preference or insurance rules. Results returned from the lab are automatically indexed with the patient profile in the physicians EMR.

3. Physician reviews results

Standardized tests results are available in the physicians EMR against respective patient’s record for review.

4. Physician shares results with team

For improved patient care, physician can securely forward lab results to other providers. Results can also be made available for patients through the patient portal.

To know more about Lab Interoperability Module product, please contact us by email at services@visolve.com or call us at +1 +1 (408)-850-2243.


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