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Cloud Hosting

ViSolve specializes in providing cloud hosting services through AWS to healthcare organizations with low-cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications securely.



We are one of the leading contributors of OpenEMR and has a team of expert professionals at customizing OpenEMR to allow your practice to get the most benefit from it.

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ViSolve is specialized in providing Health Information Exchange (HIE) through interoperability FHIR/Mirth.It includes seamless data exchange between disparate systems.

What makes ViSolve OpenEMR Pro better?

Tele Health

Expedite patient collaboration with healthcare providers through real-time video communications. Patient Portal takes advantage of HIPAA enabled Zoom US software to deliver better patient-provider collaboration. Let the patients get treated virtually from anywhere at your convenience. Save your meetings for later reviews.

Customizable Forms

The electronic medical records software that lets you chart your way in, because one-size doesn't fit all! It's a highly personal way to create optimal workflows that lets you consult more patients in an environment that fits your style.

Interoperability through FHIR/Mirth

By Offering customisable solution, OpenEMR Pro is helping to fulfill vision of truly connected office, in which patients, providers and technology are connected seamlessly and exchange data with other hospitals, when required, through Mirth Connect.

Google Calendar Integration

Patient appointments can be integrated with Google calendar so that the patients get automated reminders reducing redundancy in work flow.

Physician Dashboard

Stay on top of your day. View your schedule, messages, test results & to-do lists in one convenient location. Our physician dashboard is part of OpenEMR Pro, a best-in-class integrated EHR system designed to simplify & streamline all your clinical processes.

Patient Messaging

A simple automated and integrated patient messaging system that's absolutely easy to use. Ongoing patient interactions can result in greater loyalty and bring in more revenue.

Value Added ViSolve Modules for OpenEMR

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Engage your patients more securely with ViSolve's Patient Portal that assists patients with Video Consult, Secure messaging and automated reminder system, Appointment scheduling, Personal health record maintenance, Prescription refill request, Online payments, etc.

ViSolve Smart Billing

Revenue Cycle Management

ViSolve's cloud-based Revenue Cycle Management helps healthcare organizations of all sizes increase revenue, reduce costs associated with managing insurance claims and accelerate cash flow. Completely integrates your financial, reporting and scheduling needs.

OpenEMR Customization

Google Calender Integration

Let the skilled professionals take care of the system changes without affecting the way you work so as to let you focus on the patient care! We provide Customized OpenEMR with value added components coupled with highly secured hosting in AWS, to best fit your healthcare practice.

Why ViSolve?


Master Cloud Deployer

Have successfully migrated more than 160 healthcare environments from onsiteto cloud with hardly any downtime. More than a decade long expertise in cloud deployment.


Certified Experts

Digitize your workflow by ONC certified professionals at ViSolve. Why go to the amateurs when you have time-tested experts producing results with proven operational efficiency?

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End To End Support

Hybrid Service Delivery using onsite and remote resources. Customized solutions and support across time zones for all your Healthcare practice's IT needs.

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