Enterprise Security (2FA, SSO)

Two Factor Authentication

Computer security has been the victim of the "year of the" syndrome with firewalls, intrusion detections, VPNs, and now Certification authorities (CAs) for PKIs. One form of attack on network computing platforms is eavesdropping on network connections to obtain authentication such as Login IDs and Passwords of legitimate users. Given enough time for attempts, it is relatively easy for unauthorized intruders to crack a static password and above all manageability of passwords could prove to be big headache for enterprise IT administrators.

Setting up Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with CA. Certificate Authorities and managing it could prove to be a costly affair, with year-on-year recurring investments. With Visolve's HP-UX AAA Solution your organization can easily provide users with secure access to data 24x7 from any remote location, using any computer. The OTP system protects against external passive attacks against the authentication subsystem. The OTP authentication system allows you to cost-effectively implement strong authentication in any RADIUS-enabled gateway including VPN solutions and web access solutions.

Large enterprises equip their staff with laptops and open their networks for remote access and with scenarios where companies hire temporary employees and vendors, in such environments; a simple static password solution can become a liability. Unlike static passwords, a one-time password changes each time user logs in with the password being generated either by time-synchronized or counter-synchronized methods that typically requires the user to carry a small piece of hardware in his key-chain.

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