Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting

ViSolve helps enterprises, SMBs, health IT vendors and healthcare providers towards successful cloud adoption through its cloud consulting services. We help customers identify opportunities for current IT environments to leverage advantages of the cloud including deployment models such as hybrid clouds that provides best of both worlds.

Our vendor neutral cloud consulting services span from defining a cloud strategy roadmap, assess readiness for adoption of the cloud, determining suitability of IT resources for cloud migration, orchestrate the creation of the whole cloud infrastructure required for business applications till zeroing down the right cloud platform and deployment model.

We recommend solutions that ensures our customers of high compliance and security, reduced TCO, accelerated time to market, improved customer experiences and virtualized processing of mission critical applications.

Cloud Migration

ViSolve’s cloud migration services simplifies the process of migrating any physical, virtual or cloud source environment to any target public, private or hybrid cloud environment ensuring non-disruption of business continuity of the source environment. ViSolve helps in migrating servers, databases, applications and infact your entire business or customer environment to cloud. Infact this proven model is leveraged from one of the top cloud vendors from the world and has worked with most of our customers. 

Cloud Migration Stages


With reduced budget and effort, you can move your business environments to the cloud and increase Business Agility including Performance, Scalability, Security, and Reliability, Reduce key Expenses, Decrease Support and Administrative costs.

1. Cloud Assessment Stage

This phase includes assessing the financials including TCO, security and compliance assessment, technical assessment including classification of application tools. This phase also helps to identify gaps between current source environment and the target next generation cloud environment.

2. Proof of Concept Stage

After the right candidates for the cloud and effort estimate has been identified, then as a next step we help our customers derive and realize unmatched value through building pilots. Testing waters with a PoC enables validation and testing source applications in the cloud and perform necessary benchmarks and set expectations. This phase enables risk mitigation through validation of critical components of proposed target environment and architecture.

3. Data Migration Stage

This stage focuses on the different storage options, different commercial and open source based RDBMS options available in the cloud, data segmentation, effort required to migrate all data to cloud. As one size does not fit all, several dimensions are considered so that the applications migrated to cloud are scalable with minimal effort and optimal storage options are decided for the applications.

4. Application Migration Stage

Moving a part of an entire system of business applications to the cloud without interrupting the current business is the core goal of the application migration stage.  Rather than moving chunks of the system over time, forklift or "pick it all up at once” and move it to the cloud is suitable for migrating stateless applications, tightly coupled applications such as  self-contained applications, backup/archival systems etc., While a hybrid migration strategy involves moving parts of an application and optimizing them one at a time and is suite to for large systems that involve several applications.

5. Leveraging Cloud Stage

Post migration of data and applications, it is very essential to leverage the benefits that the cloud offers such as Elasticity, Scalability, Security, Business Continuity including Disaster Recovery planning and achieving High Availability.

6. Optimization Stage

Through extensive monitoring and support, we help you to optimize the cloud systems improving efficiency and helping you realize immediate value in terms of cost saving

Cloud Management

ViSolve’s cloud management services focuses on Regulatory Compliance, Availability Auto-Scaling, High Availability considerations, Cloud Bursting, Continuity Backup, Failover, Disaster Recovery and Security. Includes Monitoring, Orchestration and Automation, Auditing, Access Management, Incident Management, Optimization and Continuous Improvement for a high value delivering cloud ecosystem.

Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Reduced TCO
  • Improved RFP responses
  • Reduced time for deploying solutions in the cloud
  • Concurrent migration of multiple sources
  • Increased security and compliance
  • Risk mitigation through pre-migration planning and testing
  • Business Continuity, High Availability, Scalability and Reliability


Thinking to get to the cloud? ViSolve’s cloud services team can help you in every phase of your cloud migration, from assessment to final deployment. To know more about our support, please contact us by email at services@visolve.comor call us at +1 (408) 850 2243.

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