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What makes an ACO succeed? - June 18, 2014

An accountable care organization (ACO) is a healthcare organization characterized by a payment and care delivery model that seeks to tie provider reimbursements to quality ..... Read More

What is Population Health Management? - June 17, 2014

In a society, people are influenced by other people living there. Our life is interdependently weaved with everyone else. The linkage between people applies to the field of ..... Read More


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ViSolve’s Meaningful Use capabilities proven!!

ViSolve, Inc. assisted simplifyMD to achieve the 2014 Edition – Complete Ambulatory EHR certification from ICSA Labs. ViSolve development team was involved right from ..... Read More

$19 billion given as EHR Incentives

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently revealed the fact that more than $19 Billion has been reimbursed as incentives for the meaningful use program. ..... Read More

SGR Formula Demystified

The physicians receive their Medicare reimbursements through a complicated formula (based on economic growth) known as Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) that was prescribed back in 1997. ..... Read More

Challenges faced by EHR Vendors

EHRs are not easily usable and their workflows are complicated Due to Meaningful Use and incentives, most organizations just want to set up and EHR and start using it. ..... Read More

Security Risk Analysis (SRA) and Meaningful Use Attestation

Security Risk Analysis (SRA) will help the provider to evaluate his EHR and his practice settings for Securing the Patient Data and fixing/mitigating the Security and Privacy threats, if any. ..... Read More

Social and Behavioral data in EHR

Despite the strong evidence, social and behavioral factors are not well addressed in clinical care; especially EHRs that do not record more about social and behavioral factors. ..... Read More

ONC Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has released of its Federal Health IT Strategic roadmap for 2015-2020, updating the goals that was released during the year 2011. ..... Read More

Interoperability Services

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What is Interoperability?

Interoperability is the ability of making disparate systems talk to each other. The basic purpose of enabling interoperability is information exchange. ..... Read More

ONC Releases 10-Year Vision to Achieve Interoperability in Health IT

At the epicenter of the healthcare scene, providers play a vital role in delivery of healthcare. They are key stakeholders in the healthcare cycle and impact the almost everyone– ..... Read More

ONC Releases 10-Year Vision to Achieve Interoperability in Health IT

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recently released a vision document to achieve Interoperability in HealthIT. ..... Read More

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