Visolve’s Role in augmenting an EHR’s Quality

Visolve’s Role in augmenting an EHR’s Quality


The Challenge

An East Coast Based EHR company had faced complex challenges in meeting the quality standards for their EHR. The increasing number of support tickets and the continuous customer calls revealed that the customers were unhappy with the stability and the quality of the product. The days after release became a nightmare for the Customer Support engineers in addition to the continued pressure from the Venture Capitals for a Quality Product.

The Solution

The board had made a strategic decision of outsourcing their EHR QA work to Visolve impressed by Visolve’s expertise in Healthcare Domain knowledge, Ambulatory Workflow and Meaningful use Features.

The project was initiated with two QA engineers. As a first step, Visolve’s team worked closely with the EHR Vendor a nd came up with a Quality Management Plan, which projects the process to be followed, types of testing to be carried out and how the code would be shipped to the customer. Visolve team was very determined that the releases should not be updated to the customer site without their approval.

Regular calls were scheduled with the customer to clarify the workflow and the functionality. After analysing the product, they proposed the following types of testing.

  • Physician Workflow testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Browser based testing
  • Testing with Tablet devices
  • Meaningful Use testing

Test cases for all EHR modules were created and with expertise in Healthcare Domain, all test cases were ensured to be validated and completed.

During each validation process, defects were logged in JIRA with more details. The developers were educated on reported issues and the fixes were ensured through regression testing. The EHR Vendor released the defect fixes in the form of Weekly Maintenance Patch Releases after Visolve’s approval. The customers started experiencing the augment in the quality of the product.

The Outcome

The EHR Vendor was very happy to see that the customer calls were minimized and the product became more stable with improved quality. Escalations were reduced day by day and their Sales team were able to attract more customers. The EHR Vendor is very pleased with Visolve’s contribution to their product’s quality and expanded the existing project to 500% in other areas.


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