Pluggable Lab Module

ViSolve Pluggable Lab Module (PLM) is a lab order retrieval system that integrates with any EMR/EHR. It enables physicians and staff to place lab/radiology orders and retrieve results/images from within the EMR/EHR. PLM enables connectivity to multiple labs in a single stroke.

What PLM offers

PLM is portable and pluggable into any EMR/EHR. PLM integrates seamlessly with commercial and open source EHR. PLM is made available as a BI-DIRECTIONAL interface that reduces turn-around-time. PLM automatically populates the clinical information from your EHR and pushes the updated information back to the EHR.

PLM can be integrated and deployed instantly with minimal footprint. Our dedicated 7x24 Support team takes care of the setup to address any concerns. PLM also fulfils the Meaningful Use requirement by providing a commercial grade lab order retrieval system.

Key Features

  • ViSolve Pluggable Lab Module — interface engine, clearing house and a gateway that is pluggable and portable with any EHR
    • Connects with multiple LIS/RIS
    • Validate orders and results to reduce medical errors
    • Routes lab orders and results to appropriate lab service providers
  • Bi-directional interface between clinics and laboratories
  • Standalone or a web-based centralized neutral solution to exchange secure standardized lab data between clinics and labs
  • Function as a HIE gateway for lab information exchange with Federal/State Agencies, RHIOs and Payers
  • Web portal support for physicians and labs; accessible on Smartphones, iPad
  • Provides structured data to EHR and LIS/RIS in HL7 format
  • Minimal footprint; can be integrated and deployed quickly on the cloud

To know more about Pluggable Lab Module product, please contact us by email at or call us at +1 (408)-850-2243.

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