OpenSource Services

ViSolve is committed to helping organizations take full advantage of open source and the value they realize from open source. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) seems to be an apparent motive for choosing open source, however there are other potential advantages offering significant value such as improved software quality, reliability, security, flexible development and deployments, customizable business solutions that has the CXOs and key IT decision makers considering open source for their enterprises and healthcare organizations.

Our team has extensive experience, knowledge, skills and expertise in open source and we offer a comprehensive array of services to address all your open source needs. ViSolve’s involvement with open source:

  • Customized build/support of open source products (Apache, OpenSSL, ModSecurity) and other dependent packages for Well Fargo Bank
  • Improved the performance of MySQL significantly on HP-UX and contributed the code back to the community
  • Built, released and supported over 60 open source products for a leading system vendor in the world
  • Thorough knowledge in open source products (JBOSS, MySQL, Postgres, Apache, Linux, Glassfish), and tools like Eclipse, Selenium, Git, OpenStack with expertise in PHP and Java
  • Extensive expertise in Design, Storage, Network, Security, Database, Scalability, High Availability and other OpenStack-based services
  • Board member of OpenEMR, a leading open source EMR for physician practices. ViSolve has made significant technical contributions towards Meaningful Use compliance and certification of OpenEMR
  • Member of OSEHRA - Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance aimed at promoting and enhancing VistA EHR in the cloud
  • Active participation in other open source communities including Source Forge, Hardhats,  MongoDB, Hadoop, OpenStack,  Web Caching (Squid), MySQL etc.,
  • Open source consulting including security advisory services, roadmap planning, Proofs of Concepts (PoC), custom development of applications and maintenance services, application integration, migrating and porting new technology

We distinguish ourselves from others by providing a combination of expert consultants and senior application developers with highly experienced infrastructure engineers. ViSolve's 24x7 support and remote system management will help you in reducing your IT infrastructure cost.

Custom Stack Services

IT departments are deploying solution stacks that include proprietary and open source products to meet their needs. Each IT department has defined their own unique set of applications and versions. It takes considerable time and effort to certify and maintain a specific combination to enable a stable production environment.

What We Offer

  • Web-suite: Apache, OpenSSH, OpenSSL
  • Managed private cloud: VMware / Linux / OpenStack
  • Virtualization: VMware / Xen / KVM
  • Production / Development Database: VMware / Red Hat Linux / Oracle or MySQL
  • Middleware & DB: JBOSS / PostgreSQL
  • Development and QA: Eclipse, version control such as Subversion and GIT

Specific Support Services

  • Custom product build to meet your requirements. We create custom builds in our lab to meet your specifications – matching your development or production environment
  • Deliver binaries as well as source code and compile/build instructions per open source standards
  • Delivery periodic patch and vulnerability notifications
  • Support by email

UNIX/Linux Based Services

For all your UNIX/Linux based services, ViSolve provides software consulting and support services backed by a decade of experience in providing value-added solutions largely through open source products and technologies.

ViSolve has integrated open source products and technologies to create high-value solutions that cover technology domains such as security, database, network, email, Java development environments, and application and web services.

What We Offer

ViSolve offers host of services to software developers and IT professionals who are either already in a HP-UX or Linux environment or are considering migrating to Linux environment.

  • Migration
  • Solution Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Development
  • Testing and Deployment
  • Benchmarking and Sizing
  • System and Network Management

24x7 Support

We engage world class support team to provide 24x7 comprehensive assistance for your support requests. Contact us to chart out flexible and customized support plans for all your open source based development, customization and support projects.

To know more about our support, please contact us by email at 
or call us at +1 (408) 850 2243.

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