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Medical Billing

If you are looking for an intuitive and reliable medical billing software, then you are at the right place. ViSolve's Medical Billing software also known as Pluggable Billing Module (PBM) is an easy to use medical office software that caters to a wide range of general and specialty practices to simplify the billing process and help providers get paid faster.

One of the biggest challenge for practices is to get paid. Following are some of the most common medical billing challenges faced by healthcare providers, which ViSolve's billing solution aims to address:

  • Ensuring use of latest medical billing codes and staying up-to-date on latest regulations
  • Increased percentage of errors in medical bills which in turn increases claim rejections and resubmissions
  • Ensuring collection of full co-pays
  • Automatic electronic checking of patient's insurance coverage
  • Advance checking of medical procedures that are covered and not covered in a patient's insurance policy
  • Emphasis on both submission of claims and follow ups
  • Flexibility for providers to choose whether or not, they want to work with the same vendor or different vendor for medical billing software and revenue cycle management services
  • Offshoring medical billing concerns such as patient data security, lack or attrition of skilled offshore billing staff, and lack of specialty based billing knowledge

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Easily customizable

ViSolve's medical billing solution is designed to address the real challenges of medical billing. Given that customer feedback for us is the key, we will continue to be sensitive to provider's billing challenges and will continue to enhance the software to ensure very provider's ROI on this software is justified. One of the biggest strengths of ViSolve Healthcare is customization and we provide customized solutions to ensure the software works according to the needs of providers and not the other way

Billing Service

High Interoperability

The pluggable billing module can also be an extension to the EMR at your practice, and has a seamless workflow to integrate with any EHR/EMR or any healthcare module or third party system.

Billing Service

Practitioner friendly software enabling better outcomes

The software also comes with a business intelligence dashboard feature and efficient workflow helping you getting you paid quicker. Any issues with a claim, can be addressed before claim submission enabling in error free claims that supports faster payments. Claim denials are added as new rules that helps prevent denials in future. Our software helps free up healthcare providers from administrative tasks so they can focus on other high priorities and enhanced patient care.

Electronic claims, paper claims, patient appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility checks, connecting to multiple clearing houses and much more makes ViSolve's medical billing module a great choice for a general practice or specialty practice.

It offers user-friendly, efficient and complete electronic automation of claims processing with user-defined rules to correct claims. Through our advanced medical billing module, holding multiple pre-defined validation rules, clear rejection intimations are inbuilt with the billing application. We assist to process claims instantaneously in a single shot, resulting in improved productivity and less hassles.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership advantage

ViSolve's main objective is to reduce significant internal costs associated with in-house billing and provide your medical office timely reimbursement through electronic claim submission. It is a cloud based software, which we host for you in a HIPAA compliant Amazon Cloud with no start up cost or contractual hassles. We also provide free trial for 90 days, where users can gets hands on to evaluate and use the product. Post the trial period, you can continue to use the software for a minimal monthly fee that includes hosting and basic support. Our rates is definitely one of the most competitive in the industry.

No vendor lock in

While we provide one stop solutions and encourage you to work with one of our partners for a seamless and proven revenue cycle management solutions, we do not believe in overselling or forcing providers to change vendors or dictate with whom they should be working with. There is no vendor lock in and providers have absolute flexibility to work with whom they have best working relationship and outcomes. We are very good in what we do - Customized healthcare software and solutions and we do not compete with revenue cycle management vendors.

Other Benefits

  • Produces clean and accurate claims using HIPAA compliant transaction formats
  • Paperless collection processes and streamlined data entry
  • Enables prompt and accurate reimbursement
  • Reporting tools provide Business Intelligence data to improve operations and business outcomes
  • Helps to verify insurance benefits and make billing adjustments
  • Enables easy follow-up on accepted, rejected, and overdue claims
  • Cloud based software that is equipped with performance, security and scalability

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