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ViSolve’s Pluggable Billing Module(PBM) - is an extension to the EMR at your practice, and is made available as a pluggable module to get integrated with it.

Billing is a unique realm in health care industry, and with PBM, we offer a complete user friendly business solution to your health care facility. Through Visolve’s PBM, we focus on providing a hassle free product that could be plugged with any kind of EMR covering major clearing houses and insurance companies that are recommended.

With the current healthcare environment, it is observed that processing the insurance claims and transferring the payments from insurance companies to the EMR is more hassle ridden and time consuming. Most of the insurance companies are keen in rejecting the insurance claim and deny it due to validation issues within the claim. This, ofcourse creates complications and takes time in getting the payments back to the EMR.

With respect to these concerns, using Visolve’s PBM, we are keen to ensure the time taken is reduced in processing the claims from the EMR to insurance companies. Through our advanced electronic billing module, holding multiple pre-defined validation rules and clear rejection intimations inbuilt with the billing application, we assist to process the claim instantaneously in a single shot, so that the cumbersome billing process is reduced at the EMR's end.

Our Pluggable Billing Module features include:

  • Scheduling
  • Patient Registration
  • Adaptable to any EHR
  • Supports multiple clearing houses
  • Supports insurance eligibility checks
  • Supports both electronic and paper claims
  • Pre-defined validation rules for analyzing the errors within the claim
  • Crisp and clear error messages during claim rejections
  • Business Intelligence Reports including Patient Outstanding statements
  • ERA Auto posting
  • Support on iPad and Smartphones

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