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We provide squid support services, which includes squid deployment, custom configuration and performance fine tuning as per your business requirement and network setup. We support ISPs, educational institutions, financial institutions, healthcare organizations and technology companies who require squid based web caching proxy solutions in their environment.

With more than 15 years of experience in web caching proxy (Squid) deployment, we pride ourselves with our product - ViCache+Filter - a comprehensive GUI tool that makes configuring Squid a simple activity. More importantly, it reflects the ROI by showcasing the percentage of total bandwidth saved by your cache proxy.

ViSolve's dedicated support team will assist you to install, configure, and performance tune Squid web caching proxy to its peak productivity thereby leveraging your business objective. Our experienced engineers will help increase your site's uptime through rapid problem analysis and resolution.

Our present clients include large and small ISP's, Corporations, Schools and Net-Cafe's. For ISP's, we provide technical assistance in setting up high-performance and reliable transparent caches, proxy caches and http-accelarators. We have helped ISP's save precious bandwidth over complex networks. For Corporations and schools, we have helped set up safe, secure, policy-based Internet access.

ViCompress is a HTTP Accelerator which compresses static and dynamic text pages, thereby saving bandwidth and reducing response time. ViCompress also provides in-memory caching for faster response times.


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To know more about our support, please contact us by email at services@visolve.com 
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