How to Control, Save and Monitor HTTP Bandwidth?

Easy to manage internet access and better response time is a critical factor in the success of most corporates around the globe. However, unrestricted and unmanaged Internet access by employees can lead to security infractions, loss of productivity and increases the corporate IT spending. ViCache+Filter helps you solve the challenges of Internet Bandwidth Performance and in Effective Management of internet access.

ViCache+Filter = Caching + Data Mining + Monitoring + URL Filtering + Live Reports (GUI)

ViCache+Filter is deployed on your server that runs on Linux.

With ViCache+Filter - Corporates, SMBs, ISPs and Educational Instuitions can see an average of 50% increase in network performance, Customize web content delivery at the edge of the network (closer to the user) and could take the load off the high traffic Internet backbone.


  • You provide the hardware and we deploy the solution
  • Doubles the Network bandwidth and Better response time
  • Scalable by clustering or by WCCP
  • Provides easy to use GUI for configuration and monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Service provided by ViSolve Support Team
  • Browser based administration, live and historical reports
  • Plug and Play with your existing network environment


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