Technical White Papers


  • Implementing Transparent Caching Using Squid
    The full explanation about the term "Transparent Caching and Transparent Proxying" depends on the context, but we can assume the context here is HTTP proxy/caches with transparent hijacking of port 80, which is the default HTTP traffic in the internet.
  • Reverse Proxy Using Squid
    Reverse proxy cache, also known as Web Server Acceleration, is a method of reducing the load on a busy web server by using a web cache between the server and the internet.
  • Monitoring Squid
    Squid runtime information like CPU usage, Memory usage, Cache Hit, Miss etc.,can be monitored using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
  • Redirectors for Squid
    Redirector is a highly customizable program, which returns a new URL replacing the client's original request. Squid sends the requested URLs to an external redirector process, and the redirector in turn processes every incoming URL, and returns either a new URL or a blank line to indicate no change.
  • Real Time Signals
    A high-level description of the performance improvements that need to implemented for improving squid performance

FreeBSD and Squid


  • FQoS Implementation
    QoS is defined as the proficiency of a network element to furnish some degree of commitment for congenial network data delivery.