Stay competitive through our EHR/EMR development services and more..

EMR/EHR vendors can leverage ViSolve’s half-a-decade experience and expertise to customize and enhance their existing applications or build a robust, flexible and scalable digital medical/health records in accordance to Meaningful Use Criteria (Stage 2).

We have helped leading vendors in developing, customizing, enhancing, implementing and supporting their systems and assisting their client as per their unique business requirements.

As a board member of OpenEMR – an open source based EMR – we have made significant contributions in terms of code and played a vital role in getting the software MU certified. Through our customers we have worked across several flavors of OpenEMR and other open source based EMR/EHRs.

Our services extend beyond OpenEMR to include leading EMR/EHR vendors such as Tolven and simplifyMD to a name a few.

How can you benefit from us?

As an EHR/EMR vendor you can take advantage of our following services:

  • Development/Customization/Enhancement: Develop modules, customize forms, enhance UI, design and develop comprehensive CPOE systems, etc.,

  • Product QA: Extensive testing to ensure your product functions as intended

  • Meaningful Use Consulting: Extensive gap analysis of your product, deliver detailed report and demonstrate your system before the certification body for certification

  • Compliance: Enhance your application (based on our gap analysis report) to meet industry requirements – CCHIT, IHE and HITSP to name a few

  • ICD-10 transition: Create ICD-10 ready products and help your customers get their claims paid and avoid any interruption to their business processes

  • Integration: Integrate with e-prescription, billing systems, PMS and other clinical applications

  • Integration: Integrate with Labs, Radiology, Physician Practices and HIEs

  • Security: Implement single sign-on

  • Database performance: Fine tune DB performance

Why should you work with ViSolve?

Simple. Healthcare domain expertise, technical expertise, systems expertise, 17 years of product development and certification experience all under one roof. All you need to do is, write to us with your requirements and we will get back to you with our proposal - a detailed report with resource details, time and cost estimate.

You can work with us based on a fixed cost or tasks based or have a team of our engineers work for you. The latter has the best flexibility in assignments as you pay for the resources and not for the task. You can assign any task at any point in time and add or reduce resources based on your business requirements. We recommend you to utilize all our seasoned resources for your advantage through a simple engagement process. You can engage with us for a short period or establish a long term engineering partnership and reap the benefits.

We are very strong with our technical services as well. We are working intimately with the world’s largest system vendor, a leading cloud and virtualization software development company, and providing 24x7 support on a global scale to one of the largest cloud infrastructure organization. That should give you a glimpse of what we can do for you.

Some of our expertise:

  • Development/Scripting Languages/Tools: Java, J2EE - JSF, EJB, JMS, Hibernate, XML, RESTful, HAPI (library), C, C++, C#, Eclipse, Log4j, Python, Perl
  • Source Code Management : Git, SubVersion
  • Web Development : PHP, Ajax, Jquery, .Net
  • Unit testing and code coverage : PHPUnit, Simpletest, Junit, EMMA, Coder
  • Code standards: Checkstyle
  • Automation: Expect, Bash Shell, Korn Shell
  • Testing: Jmeter, Manual testing, automation (Selenium), Bug Tracking – Jira, ActiveCollab
  • Database: MySql, Postgres, MongoDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • Reporting Tools and Log Management : SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal reports, Pentaho, Xcelcius, Graylog
  • Protocols: Implementation expertise in OpenSplice DDS and websocket for medical device connectivity and communication
  • Project Management (PMP Certified Engineers) : ActiveCollab, Microsoft Project
  • Interoperability Standards: HL7, HL7-RIM, DICOM, CCR, CCD, Direct
  • Interoperability Tools : Mirth Connect, Laika
  • IHE profiles: XDS, PIX, PDQ, ATNA
  • Open Health tools: Openxds, Openpixpdq, openatna and bridge
  • Vocabulary Standards: HL7, ICD-9, ICD -10, SNOMED, RxNORM, LOINC, CPT4, etc.
  • Consulting: Specialized knowledge in Final MU Stage 2 Standards, HIT (NIST) Test Standards and Procedures, HIPAA Compliance, NIST HL7/CCR/CCD/TTT validation tools

What you should be doing next?

We believe in simple processes. Just write to us at with your requirements and we will get back to you with a proposal on how we can work together and help your business grow.

You can also call us at (408) 850 2243 for a discussion.


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