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Get your EMR MU Stage 2 Certified!!!

Adhering to Meaningful Use (MU) provides tremendous opportunity for healthcare providers to embrace new technology, improve patient care and receive ARRA/HITECH funding. And for Healthcare IT vendors, it means industry acceptance, increased revenue and market share.

The MU Stage 2 criteria in comparison with Stage 1 focuses on how healthcare service providers can exchange clinical patient information and provide patients with online access to their health data.

On August 23, 2012 the Federal Government released the final rules for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

On December 6, 2013, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Sciences (CMS) has proposed a revised timeline for implementing Meaningfully Usable Electronic Health Record systems. Click here to know more about the revised timeline for Stage 2.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 vs. Stage 1

Just as with Stage 1, Stage 2 requires healthcare providers to meet specific number of core and menu objectives.

Under Stage 2 criteria,

  • Eligible Professionals (EPs) must demonstrate 17 Core Objectives and 3 out of 6 Menu Objectives. In Stage 1 criteria clinicians were required to meet 15 core objectives and choose from 5 of 10 menu items.
  • Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) must demonstrate 16 Core Objectives and 3 out of 6 Menu Objectives.
  • EPs must submit 9 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) from at least 3 domains out of potential list of 64 CQMs across 6 domains for both adult population and pediatric population compared to Stage 1's 6 quality measures.
  • EHs and CAHs must submit 16 CQMs from at least 3 domains out of potential list of 29 CQMs across 6 domains, whereas Stage 1 required only 15. Hospitals would also be required to meet at least one measure in each areas: patient safety, care coordination, population and public health, efficient use of resources and clinical effectiveness.
  • Menu objectives (except one – Syndromic Surveillance) in Stage 1 are moved to Core objectives in Stage 2. EPs & EHs have two new Core objectives.

The final rules assure that MU Stage 2 will commence from Oct 2013 for Hospitals and Jan 2014 for Ambulatory, giving time for providers and hospitals to adhere to the requirements.

For Health IT Vendors

As the Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification deadline is fast approaching, ViSolve with its extensive experience in assisting health IT vendors get Stage 1 certified is all set to help you comply with Stage 2.

Key areas in Meaningful Use Stage 2 that healthcare IT vendors should meet include:

  • New and detailed clinical quality measures (e.g. QRDA based reporting, NQF-QDM related measures)
  • Patient information exchange during transition of care and data portability using structured formats (e.g. Consolidated CDA)
  • Enhanced decision support at the point-of-care for improved care quality
  • Patient education and self-management (e.g. HL7 Infobutton) and patient portal enhancements
  • Use of direct protocol with XDR/XDM for secure messaging
  • Availability of radiology images in EHR and other clinical applications

How can ViSolve help you obtain full Meaningful Use Stage 2 Attestation

ViSolve’s professionals can provide comprehensive assistance to help you receive full Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation. With deep knowledge and experience in Meaningful Use Consulting & Certification assistance process, we can guide you to get your EMR Stage 2 certified on time, and earn proven assurance for your product’s functionality, interoperability and security.

When ViSolve is contracted to assist your organization,

  • You will be assigned with a project manager who will be responsible for the successful completion of the project
  • A team of consultants to implement, test, build and deploy systems
  • Post-implementation support
  • 24x7 support (optional)

For Physicians and Hospitals

With challenging implementations, tight deadlines, budget constraints, staff co-operation issues organizational culture changes and evolving standards the road to Meaningful Use may not be easy. Most importantly, it is very essential to get it right the first time.

Securing HITECH Funds requires more than just deploying a certified EHR and our expert ViSolve MU Consulting Team with in-depth understanding of healthcare operations and clinical workflows and MU Standards; can assist you from choosing and deploying a system that is MU Compliant until assisting you to apply for and secure Federal funding.

Meaningful Use Planning and Readiness Assessments

We help physicians and hospitals demonstrate "meaningful use" of the EHR system via systematic preparation and efficient reporting to make certain the utilization of technology in their clinical workflow meets the ongoing 'meaningful use' criteria qualifying for ARRA/HITECH funding. ViSolve can help your hospital and/or clinic prepare to achieve Meaningful Use status through the following:

  • Gap analysis to identify customer readiness for applying for MU status and detailed Guidance on the needful actions including roadmap to success.
  • Project Management to administer the complete effort and provision of applications specialists for implementation.
  • Assistance in demonstrating Meaningful Use, reporting and grant writing.
  • Ensure compliance to evolving Meaningful Use standards.

To know more about the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), the timeline, new/revised/unchanged criteria for EPs, EHs and CAHs, and measures, click here.

Don't miss to read the FAQs on Meaningful Use.

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