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Organizations of all sizes spend a large portion of their IT budget on Oracle products and services. Oracle is now promoting Exadata and Exalogic as replacements for traditional scale-up database infrastructure. While based on inexpensive, scale out hardware, they exact a high price in software and support services. Many such organizations are looking at ways to reduce cost AND avoid the business risk of having only one vendor for a large percentage of their IT investments.

ViSolve is not affiliated with HP, Oracle or other, similar companies.The following tools are of special interest to customers considering migration from an enterprise UNIX, such as AIX, Solaris, or HP-UX to another UNIX or to Linux.

Databases are mission-critical, so any Oracle alternative must meet some stringent criteria:

Solid Technology:

  • Simple scale up architecture: easy to deploy and manage, minimal number of hardware and software licenses.
  • Complies with SQL standards: Easy to redirect existing applications while ensuring accurate query results.
  • High availability: Ability to work together with OS cluster like RedHat Cluster Suite and Novell SUSE HA extension
  • Simple database migration and easily available tools and migration support

Solid Economics and Risk Management

  • Available scale-up platform: hardware exists which is certified, scales well, and offers a flexible, virtualization-ready, deployment environment.
  • Low cost licensing and support costs.
  • Solid market share to reduce long term risks.

ViSolve has extensive experience with PostGreSQL, and considers it a worthy alternative on both HP-UX and Linux platforms.

ViSolve can assist you with assessing PostgreSQL as a migration platform and assisting you with your migration.

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