HP 9000 Containers

The HP 9000 Containers solution aims to significantly simplify transition from PA-RISC based HP 9000 HP-UX 11i v1 (and later) servers to HP Integrity HP-UX 11i v3 servers. You can copy your entire HP 9000 application ecosystem - there is no need to re-compile applications, prepare application inventories, identify dependencies or re-construct application environment.

When to use?

  • Upgrading or porting to native Integrity versions of applications is infeasible.
  • There is not much information available about the application environment, dependencies and customizations on the HP 9000 server
  • Legacy stand-alone build environments or mostly home grown applications
  • Applications are pure user-space and also not related to system administration or management
  • Budget constraints do not allow for native or traditional ARIES migration

Scan9000 Tool:

An automated tool to assess the suitability of HP 9000 Containers to migrate your HP-UX PA-RISC environment to HP Integrity servers. Scan9000 scans the application database of an HP-UX PA-RISC environment for compatibility with rehosting to HP Integrity servers using HP 9000 containers. It provides a detailed report on the installed software, current utilization, sizing and issues (if any) when re-hosting the environment to hp-ux integrity with HP 9000 Containers.

To get the usage of the tool, click on "Scan9000 Tool (Download)" on our Resources page.

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