Oracle Migration

Oracle is the most commonly deployed database in enterprises. Invariably, Oracle database migration is required when organizations transition their underlying hardware/technology platform. Migration includes moving objects and data from one platform to another–preferably without disrupting or disabling the active applications and then redirecting all input/output (I/O) activity to the new platform. ViSolve has in-depth expertise in Oracle database and its internal architecture.

Cross Platform Database Migration

This involves migrating an Oracle database from a big-endian platform like HP-UX on PA-RISC to a little-endian platform like Linux on X86_64. It also provides the complete cross platform database migration scenarios using Data Pump utility (Expdp/Impdp) for small organizations.

Services Offered

Cross-Platform Oracle Database Migration without downtime.

  • Migrating Oracle Database from any architecture to x86-64 architecture
  • Maintaining transactional data consistency using Oracle's Golden Gate
  • Staff training on new environment and operations
  • Post Migration support

Disaster Recovery setup for Enterprise DATA

  • Database backup and recovery from production to standby environments
  • Disaster recovery setup using Oracle Data Guard
  • Staff training on operations, verifications and validations
  • Post Migration support

Application Rehosting from older to new platforms

  • Rehosting Oracle, PeopleSoft and other applications from enterprise UNIX to Linux.
  • Migrating applications from any architecture to x86-64 architecture.
  • Staff training on new environment and operations
  • Post Migration support.

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PostgreSQL MigrationPostgreSQL Migration

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