Migration Methodology

5-Step Migration Methodology

With our proven migration methodology, our experts can guide you through each step of your migration projects.



Based on your business migration driver, we will assess your source and target environment. We will identify database and application suitability and availability, and platform independent challenges while moving from UNIX to Linux. As a result you will get an assessment report on the risks involved, effort estimate and cost.


We will develop a detailed plan on the migration process and the in-house applications to be ported from UNIX to Linux including staffing requirements. We will work closely with you to ensure the development plan meets your business objectives and help us develop a Proof of Concept (PoC). At the end you will receive a report on Project, Staffing Plan and Proof of Concept .


We will expand the PoC to real project. Your existing application stack is either virtualized or consolidated. Customized Linux installation on target environment and ISV components are finalized. After your review and approval, we will start building and packaging for deployment and develop training and support for your staff. At the end, you will get a detailed and a working Proof of Concept.


We will do a pilot deployment after reviewing the data, training and support. Upon successful deployment and further review, the cut over to the new infrastructure is done.


We will support you extensively as part of our project implementation. We will ensure environment stability, validate back-up and high availability tools, and tweak acceptance metrics against business benchmarks. We will also continue to train your key staff with end-user documentation.

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