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MigrationViSolve has more than 15 years of experience in helping customers transform their outdated and expensive IT infrastructure to highly efficient, flexible and cost optimized operations. ViSolve can work with you at every step of the way in your re-hosting project, from cost justification and TCO analysis, to infrastructure recommendations, to project scoping, and post-migration support.

ViSolve can help ensure you have a smooth transition process that preserves the data you need and the functionality you are familiar with.

What we offer

Linux Migration

There is more to updating your infrastructure than replacing hardware. ViSolve can help deliver big savings by helping you move your older UNIX, or Linux applications over to a Linux-based infrastructure running on Intel or AMD-based industry standard servers. A move like that will free up budget for your business, and help you remove dependencies on proprietary hardware architectures and operating environments.

Database Migration

  • From Oracle on UNIX to Linux with a focus on x86-based virtualized environment
  • From any architecture to x86-64 architecture
  • Oracle to open source databases like EnterpriseDB
  • Staff training on operations and tuning of new environment
  • Post migration support

The ViSolve engineering team has been optimizing performance for commercial databases since the 1980s. We are intimately familiar with the internals of Oracle Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other products.

ViSolve had even improved MySQL database performance on HP-UX by 30% by carrying out rigorous benchmarking iterations with Caliper and other performance benchmarking tools. ViSolve can meet your needs for database performance tuning and/or migrations.

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Open Source Application Migration

ViSolve has experience, capabilities and expert knowledge in developing and deploying open source applications and solutions. We can provide tools and expertise in this area to support your migration needs.

Our capabilities include:

  • Migrating UNIX utilities or scripts to Linux
  • Identifying open-source applications to replace current proprietary tools
  • Writing open source tools as needed to support migration and new IT environments

Operational services to supplement customer IT staff

  • Administration (database, applications, servers, storage, networking)
  • After-hours monitoring and management
  • Help desk

Converged Infrastructure

ViSolve can help you move your legacy UNIX, Linux, or Windows environment to a Converged Infrastructure. We have broad experience with HP hardware, software, and operating systems and we know how to assist on the journey to lower costs and greater flexibility. We can work with you from the initial plan to the final step as we help you create a modern, optimized computing environment. Our HP technology experience includes:

Operating systems and related systems-level software

  • HP-UX, Linux, Windows, OpenVMS, MPE
  • HP Serviceguard
  • Campus, Metro, and Continental Clusters
  • HP Insight Dynamics & Virtual Server Environment
  • HP OpenView, Business Technology Optimization Solutions

Platform emulation tools

  • HP 9000 Containers
  • Aries technology

Infrastructure products

  • HP ProLiant, Integrity, HP9000, HP 3000, Alpha hardware
  • HP XP, 3PAR, EVA, MSA Storage

Migration Tools

ViSolve has in-depth experience with migration tools from HP, Oracle and others. ViSolve also develops several migration tools and services to reduce migration risks and helping customers to assess their environment feasibility and the level of complexity required for the migration exercise. This in turn becomes a solid source to understand the time and cost estimate involved in such assignments.

ViSolve is not affiliated with HP, Oracle or other, similar companies. The following tools are of special interest to customers considering migration from an enterprise UNIX, such as AIX, Solaris, or HP-UX to another UNIX or to Linux.

HP 9000 Containers Application Porting Kits

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5 Step Migration Methodology 5 Step Migration Methodology

ViSolve can

  • Make migration simple with a wide range of tools and services
  • Identify open-source applications and tools that could fit into your target environment
  • Work with you to consolidate workloads from distributed, standalone servers to virtualized, Linux-based x86 servers
  • Support you with local or onsite resources as needed: architects, project managers
  • Support you with offshore resources for development, test and ongoing support
  • Continued environment support after migration
24x7 Support

With 24x7 support, we provide fast responses to your technical queries and extend technical assistance to your pre- and post-migration projects.

To know more about database migration support, please contact us by email at services@visolve.com or call us at +1  (408) 850 2243.


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