Finally a simple and cost effective way to connect labs & imaging centers with doctor offices for test ordering and result reporting

Business Problem

Timely test ordering and results reporting is crucial as lab results impact the decision and care offered to a patient by almost 60-70%. But as clinicians continue to pursue the conventional means of issuing a test order it is prone to human errors, delays and data loss. These issues also exist with labs when sending back results to ordering clinicians.

Clinicians who have adopted electronic medical records (EMR) system find that connecting their system to multiple Lab Information System (LIS) result in 1:n or n:1 siloed connections between clinics and labs.

In addition, the test codes maintained by clinics and labs are prone for mismatch. The sorting of lab order and results can also be time consuming and prone to manual errors.

Addressing the Business Problem

The solution to the above business problem is to have a “Centralized Clearing House System” that will act as a liaison between the clinical providers and lab providers. The system will receive, process, and route lab orders and results to labs and clinics respectively.

ViSolve Healthcare IT, with its healthcare and technical experience and expertise developed the Centralized Clearing House System known as. Lab Interoperability Module (LIM), which not only connects providers and labs but all those involved in the healthcare continuum.

Lab interface


Key Benefits

  • One standard bi-directional interface to connect multiple clinics and labs
  • Clinics without EHR yet and Labs without LIS can leverage on LIM portal to place and receive orders and results
  • Eliminates the need to prepare lab orders and results manually helping to reduce need for paper forms. Staff time is freed from paper work and more time is spent towards patient care
  • LIM uses customizable dictionaries and vocabularies to map proprietary test codes to standard LOINC code and vice versa
  • LIM automates the creation of batches for lab orders and lab results
  • Catches errors in minutes rather than days or weeks (Validation)
  • Physicians can send laboratory and radiology orders electronically to satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2 CPOE requirements
  • During transition of care, physicians can send summary of care record to other providers through the web portal, permitting exchange of critical medical information in a safe and secure way
  • Improves relationships between clinics and labs (Improved business). Integration with Labcorp has been completed. Integration with other labs is in process.
  • Minimal footprint; can be deployed quickly

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