ViSolve is a software consulting and support organization focused on providing value added solutions largely through Open Source products and technologies. Our Support and Consulting engineers bring a strong adherence to software development, test and support methodologies to the Company.

At present, ViSolve offers Support and Consulting services in the following areas:

  • Network Security
  • Network Design, Configuration and Support
  • Web Caching Infrastructure Design, Installation and Support
  • HP-UX Consulting (Application Design, Migration, Tuning, High Availability, System and Network Management)
  • Accessing security vulnerabilities and identifying hostile nodes in the network
  • Identify fixes and product components that will make your environment secure

ViSolve Support and Consulting Services are suitable for you if your organization:

  • Is in the process of assessing Corporate IT requirements
  • Has completed the assessment, and now needs assistance in the selection of products and technologies
  • Has completed the selection of products/technologies, and is now looking for assistance in developing, installing, configuring, testing, tuning, deployment and production-level support of solutions based on the selected technologies

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