See in Action

ViSolve Patient Portal

A detailed look into the end to end capabilities of Patient Portal.

See in Action

Patient Portal

A detailed look into the end to end capabilities of Patient Portal.

Health Records

Patients can access their medical health records and get more involved in care with their provider.


View your vital signs information like blood pressure, height, weight and other medical details.


Get information about your allergies, date when it was recorded and the current status of the allergy.

Patient Documents
patient documents

Quickly upload any files from your previous providers and securely send them over to your practice.


View your entire health and care information in the form of a detailed report. Download your compiled CCR/CCD documents to ensure persistent care.

Health Issues

Get a snapshot view of patient health issues, begin date and the status of each issue.


Get the list of your immunization records with vaccine details, date/quantity and completion status.

Test Results

Get notified when you receive lab test results. View the result details and the test status in the portal.


Appointment scheduling helps in increasing revenue and improve patient satisfaction by managing the flow of patients.

Schedule Appointment
schedule appointment

Schedule an appointment for specific appointment type, visit reason and the appointment duration

Set Reminder Preference

Choose how and when you want to get notified about your upcoming appointment - Email/SMS/Call.

View Appointments
view appointments

View the list of upcoming appointments to avoid any confusions with the provider. Also view the past appointments details for any specific information.

Secure Messaging

Send/receive HIPAA enabled messages between patients and healthcare providers.

Send Messages to Provider
send messages

Transfer important health information or a message with your provider with high levels of privacy and security.

Manage Messages

Keep track of messages with your provider. Review and delete messages that are of less relevance.


Ordering your prescription refill has never been this easy before!

Send Refill Request

Save time and enjoy convenient prescription refills and transfer options from the portal.

View Prescription

Take a stock of the prescriptions suggested by the provider. Need a refill? Choose the medication, select the pharmacy and send a refill request.

Pay Bills

Easily pay your bills for office visits from the patient portal.

Pay Bills
pay bills

Had an office visit with the provider? Watch out for the invoice on the Pay Bills screen. Select the invoice and pay your charges.

View Reports
view reports

Receive a handy copy of your medical bill with the charge details.

Video Consultation

Increase patient engagement through direct video consultation with the providers.

Schedule Appointment
schedule appointments

Set up an appointment with your provider based on their availability. Make sure to set the appointment type as "Video Consult".

Join Video Consultation
video consultations

Verify the prerequisites in your device and join the video consultation call with your provider.

Patient Education Material

Patient resources for educational purposes. Know more about specific medical terminologies from leading healthcare information sources.

Search Resource

First class integration with Medline, eMedicine and WebMD to deliver educational materials for better care.

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