See in Action

ViSolve OpenEMR Pro

Connect the tools of your trade into one seamless flow.
The hub of all - work here the friction between tasks is removed.

See in Action

ViSolve OpenEMR Pro

Connect the tools of your trade into one seamless flow.
The hub of all - work here the friction between tasks is removed.

Video Consultation

FACE TO FACE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. Patients who live in remote locations can get the quality care they deserve through Video Consultation. It also allows clinicians to expand their practice hours, letting people book appointments at times that fit their needs and lifestyle.

Schedule Appointment
Schedule appointment

Set up an appointment with your provider based on their availability. Make sure to set the appointment type as "Video Consult".

Join Video Consultation
video consultation

Verify the prerequisites in your device and join the video consultation call with your provider.

Secure Messages

A simple, automated & integrated patient messaging system that anyone in your practice can use.It’s all about the automation. Ongoing patient interactions can result in greater loyalty & bring in new revenue.


Inbox focuses on organizing the messages by allowing the user to bundle similar emails together.

Sent Items
sent Items

The email you’ve sent will now be stored in the ‘Sent Mail’ folder on your portal Admin dashboard.

Compose Message
compose messages

Do you want to send mail to provider or patient,OpenEMR-Pro provided integrated Secured Messages helps in composing messages in simple steps.

Efficient billing management

With ViSolve Medical Billing, there’s no better software to support in-house billing process. ViSolve's web and mobile compatible Billing application help practice to easily manage patients and the obstacle that come with billing insurance.

ERA Processing
ERA processing

ViSolve facilitates the downloading and initial processing of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) messages from insurance payers for ViSolve medical billing users.

Clearing House
Clearing House

No more uploading claims & downloading remittances. Save time & hassle with our integrated clearinghouse for flawless, all-in-one data exchange.

Claims Scrubbing
Claims Scrubbing

Every claim is cross-checked for patient & policy identification & checked by payer-specific rules, reviewed to ensure accurate coding.

Streamline scheduling process

Medical schedulers hold specialized positions in the administrative staff of a hospital, clinic, or other medical setting. Typical daily duties performed by medical scheduler include create/edit patient and provider appointments.

Provider Availability Check
provider availability check

Elegant User Interface giving out provider's available time slots to avoid redundant appointments and conflicts.

Recurring appointments
recurring appointments

Schedule recurring appointments for provider and patient in OpenEMR-Pro by just checking the options which makes front office staff work easier.

Patient Portal

Improved patient engagement with ViSolve Patient Portal. See how you can deliver better care through patient-physician video conferencing, appointment reminders, online order refills, direct message communication with providers and more.

Health Records
health records

Patients can access their medical health records and get more involved in the care with their provider.


Ordering prescription refill has never been this easy before!

Pay Bills
pay bills

Easily pay your bills for office visits from the patient portal.