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Cloud Deployment and Management Services
(Focus on open source - OpenStack)

Cloud is not a technology buzz word any more; it’s all about how efficiently you run your business. Enterprises on cloud have already started to reap the benefits of on-demand infrastructure and application services. But the customizability, management and monitoring, and most importantly cost of cloud infrastructure remain a concern.

All leading system vendors like VMware (vCloud™), IBM (SmartCloud), HP (Cloud Service Automation), to name a few offer cloud solutions. They also assure branded service backed by enterprise grade support. But whom do you opt for? What are the binding elements? And at what cost? Though one of these solutions is chosen for implementation based on business requirement, IT decision maker’s preference and budget, enterprises expect more than just being on cloud.

As a solution to address these concerns, leading enterprises like NASA, AT&T, Google, Intel, DELL, including HP today are running their businesses on OpenStack Cloud.  OpenStack is an open source implementation of cloud. It is free, flexible, customizable, and manageable as per business demands.

Data Center (Cloud) Monitoring and Support Services
(Focus on open source - Icinga)
While Cloud can deliver benefits, it poses new challenges beyond those involving data centers and virtualized environments, and creates new level of complexity within your cloud infrastructure. To maintain service level and availability of critical infrastructure in cloud environments including traditional data center, it requires sophisticated monitoring.

VMware, IBM, HP and all provide cloud monitoring solutions like vCenter™, SmartCloud Monitoring and Sitescope. But all these come for a price and limited to respective system vendor’s cloud infrastructure elements.

So, to add flexibility, agility, customization to monitoring and also maintain low cost, enterprises now prefer open source Icinga. Icinga is monitoring tool to monitor physical, virtual, and application elements on cloud with option to monitor remotely on smart mobile devices. It can also be used to monitor a gamut of large, complex IT environments spread across multiple locations.

Why choose ViSolve?

ViSolve is a leading contributor to Open Source and for over a decade has been promoting and advocating open source technology as the solution for future IT needs. ViSolve has worked on several leading edge open source projects and have deployed, managed and supported open source based solutions and services to enterprise customers worldwide.

ViSolve for several years has been provisioning, deploying, managing and monitoring clouds using open source OpenStack and Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) including proprietary solutions like VMware vCloud and HP CSA. Our partnership with HP and global resellers in provisioning cloud infrastructure has helped us intimately familiarize the internals of open source and proprietary cloud solutions, understand the challenges, complexity and intricacies of real implementation, and the best practices to be followed for a successful deployment.

Backed up by 24x7 technical support, experts to advice, assist and support in all levels of system and solution integration and implementation, on-shore and off-shore delivery model, expect best-in-class support at affordable cost.

Our service capabilities include:

Assessing your business needs, risk, effort and cost

Developing detailed project plan and PoC

Installing, custom configuring, performance fine tuning, template development and deployment including “Best practices” template for key applications

Expert monitoring service for your Data Center/Cloud Infrastructure

24x7 Support
Training and 24x7 technical support

For all your Cloud deployment, management and monitoring service needs,
call us today to know how we can help you.

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