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In the competing world of medicine, one way of getting an edge with your competitors is to implement the best that technology has to offer to your medical records. This can be done by the means of bringing everything from paper to electronic form in your medical facility. Not only will this result in convenience with all the information you will need under your fingertips and really fast, but you would also reap the benefits of incentives in doing so along the way. Providers can earn up to $44,000 from Medicare and up to $63,750 from Medicaid by demonstrating meaningful use of their EHRs but those who do not implement an EHR by 2015 will face a penalty, starting with a 1% reduction to Medicare payments every year.

So what can we do for you?

  • Meaningful Use Consulting: Extensive gap analysis of your product, deliver detailed report and demonstrate your system before the certification body for certification.
  • Development/Customization/Enhancement: Develop modules, customize forms, enhance UI, design and develop comprehensive CPOE systems, etc.,
  • Product QA: Extensive testing to ensure your product functions as intended.
  • Database performance: Fine tune your database performance.
  • Database migration, back up & recovery: We help you with migrating your database from an old version to the latest industry standard model with no or minimal downtime during the transition, resulting in no disconnect to your workflow
  • Technical documentation: Need a hand with creating customer presentations, software requirement documentation, Administrator guides, brochures and more? Give us a call with your requirements and our experienced documentation team will help you bring your material to life.

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How you can work with us

Its very simple. With over 17 years of experience in product development and certification experience under belt, you can work with us based on a fixed cost or task(s) or have a team of engineers work for you. The latter is quite a flexible arrangement as you are paying purely for the resources and not for the task. Pick and choose your resources, add or remove them as you please at any given point of time all boiling down to how your business works and what it needs.

Once the choice has been made, let us know and we will get back to you with a detailed business proposal over the cost estimate and resources involved so you can make an informed decision.

Sign up with us for a short term or establish a long term partnership and we will help your business jump leaps ahead of the competition.

ViSolve has some of the best engineers with sound technical skills and expertise. Using industry standard technologies available, we are working very closely with the world’s largest system vendor, a leading cloud and virtualization software development company, and providing 24x7 support on a global scale to one of the largest cloud infrastructure organization.


How you get in touch with us

Simply pop us an email with your queries and requirements at
Alternatively, give us a call at
(408) 850 2243


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