OpenEMR is a leading ambulatory open source based Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Over 1000 downloads a week and strong global presence, OpenEMR is a one of the leading ambulatory Open Source EMRs in the world. It is license free, can be easily customized and is supported by a vibrant community. All the way from US Peace Corps implementation in 77 countries to leading academic medical centers and physician practices in the US, OpenEMR has carved a niche for itself as an intuitive, easily customizable EMR option across the globe that provides lowest total cost of ownership to users.

Key Features:

  • Patient demographics
  • Scheduling & Reminders
  • Charting
  • Labs
  • Electronic digital document management
  • Electronic syndrome surveilance reporting
  • Prescriptions
  • Clinical decision rules
  • Patient portal
  • Reports
  • Multilanguage support
  • Voice recognition ready
  • Open Source & License free
  • Supported by a vibrant community
  • Can be easily customized

ViSolve's Open Source Contribution to OpenEMR

As a prominent member of the OEMR board, ViSolve has contributed significantly in donating software development including developing security modules like HIPAA de-identification, audit logging and client certifications, recording disclosures, emergency access, consent management, performance improvement and defect fixing. ViSolve played a vital role in getting OpenEMR ONC-ATCB certified from the ICSA labs and continuing to contribute to various technical enhancements.

ViSolve is listed as a premium professional support vendor and certified contributor of OpenEMR on the OpenEMR Wiki and Professional Support Vendors website.

OpenEMR Professional Services include:

OpenEMR Services

We also help healthcare providers and healthcare technology vendors migrate from legacy system or a commercial system to OpenEMR and also migrate OpenEMR to the cloud. In addition to hosting OpenEMR in the cloud, we assure the benefits such as High Availability, Security, Performance, Scalability and Disaster Recovery.

Sample OpenEMR Customizations

No one size fits all. Our biggest strength is customization and we provide tailor made solutions to best fit a specialty workflow or practice.

Sample Customer Projects:

  • Customized deployment and 7x24 support
  • Customization of Forms, Modules, Specialty Workflow etc.
  • Integration with other systems such as e-prescription , practice management etc
  • Single sign-on implementation
  • User interface enhancements
  • Meaningful Use certification
  • Business Continuity solutions for OpenEMR in Cloud (High Availablity & Disaster Recovery)
  • Migration & Hosting in Amazon Cloud (HIPAA Compliant)